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Cross-Border Express Services

To provide our clients with a variety of services and choice. We integrate a mix in our fleet range between 8T up to 16T payloads to ensure the fastest and reliable way to deliver all sorts of personal, business and mining goods between JHB, Botswana, Zambia and DRC in an easiest way.


Look no further than Sky Logistics for local and cross-border transportation for your frozen meat, sea food, cheese etc.

Our fleet offers refrigerated trucks to deliver your needs in a fresh, safe and fastest way possible.

Whatever you want delivered in Sub-Saharan countries do not hesitate to speak to our office to make necessary arrangements for you.


Are you looking to buy gifts clothes, luxurious items, machinery from South Africa?

Historically South Africa has been the known sales hub of Africa for a combined variety of famous international & local  brands. South Africa has the biggest malls and shopping centres. 

Sky Logistics is happy to add value to your personal, family and business lifestyle by providing support at extra cost.

Procurement, consulting and advice to get whatever you need from South Africa with best quality and rates and delivered to your door.


Please get in touch with us to enquire about our procurement service.

Local Collection

You have goods in South Africa and you need help to deliver to our facility storage?

We offer for our clients the service with extra charge to collect your goods within South Africa and deliver to our storage facility, consolidate and deliver to your desired destination.

For more information please get in touch and we will gladly help you.

Storage and Packaging

You have goods in South Africa and you are looking for temporary storage before you deliver to your country?

With our supply-chain service , we offer for our clients door to door delivery , free safe facilities for storage.

We have advanced tools, including forklifts among others as an added value in our facilities for packing and repacking to avoid damage to your precious cargo.  

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